How to Order



Firstly we would like you to choose stock number which you want to buy from our website,and put it on Order form.

If you do not find your car, put your request as follows;

Maker, Car name, Model and year Color Fuel type and Transmission Type


Secondly you will complete order form with your name, address, your telephone number and fax number, e-mail address.

Finally you should choose the quotation base by Japanese yen or US Dollars.

FOB- price on the website, you will pay freight at your port, Freight Collect

C&F- Fob and Freight charges, Freight Prepaid

CIF-fob and Freight Charges, with Insurance,


Depends on your country, sometime Freight collect is not acceptable

Upon receiving your order form or email,we will reply to you within 24 hours.

**We only accept Telegraphic Transfer.


ご希望の車種がない場合、メーカー、型式など 入力して メールフォームをお送りください。




After you received your price quotation.


Please check our price quotation and confirm it with care and send us your consignee name and address.

We will send you Proforma Invoice soon.


ご注文が決まりましたら、ご連絡ください、PROFORMA INVOICE をお送りします。



After you received Proforma Invoice, You are required to deposit as soon as possible.

If your quotation base is Freight Collect, You require paying 70% from total cost.

If your quotation base is Freight Prepaid you require paying 50% from total cost.

And also send us your copy receipt of money transfer.

As soon as we receive your money, we will arrange the shipment and let you know its schedule.

フレートがコレクトの場合 前金として70%いただきます。

フレート プリペイドの場合は 前金として50%をお送りください。



After shipment left.


After 10 days of shipment, we will send you copy of bill of lading.

Please check it with care and confirm.

Your remaining balance should compete within two weeks after the shipment.

We will send you all original documents upon receiving your final payment.

Original Bill of Lading,


Japanese Cancellation certificate,

Japanese Cancellation Certificate English translation.

Mail Form≫




  • STEP1


    Nile United Co.,Ltd is welcoming to do container work on behalf of client who wants to minimize his container cost by saving the air flight ticket & accommodation costs.

    Компания “Nile United Co. Ltd.”готова предоставить свои услуги по отправке контейнерных грузов от имени клклиента для всех желающих сэкономить на дорогих авиабилетах и проживании в Японии.


  • STEP2

    The client who do likes to come to Japan at our company yard in person to do his container work, we are ready to offer all facilities to enable the client to achieve his work.

    Клиентам, желающим лично посетить компанию «Nile United Co. Ltd.” в Японии и непосредственно самостоятельно осуществлять все контейнерные работы, компания «Nile United Co. Ltd.” готова предоставить все необходимые условия для успешной реализации поставленных задач.

    代行のほかにも お客様に来日していただき、詰め込み作業の詳細を見ていただくことができます。

  • STEP3

    If a client needs a visa with a guarantee letter and invitation letter , in order to apply for the Japanese entery visa through Japanese Embassy at your country, WE CAN NOT give such a letters with NO ADVANCED DEPOSIT equal minimum half of estimated cost of the container
    staff inside as a principle of work.

    В случае, если Японское посольство в стране проживания клиента запрашивает у клиента гарантийное письмо и приглашение от принимающей его в Японии стороны для получения Японской визы, компания «Nile United Co. Ltd.” готова предоставить клиенту всю необходимую документацию для предоставления в посольство Японии ИСКЛЮЧИТЕЛЬНО НА УСЛОВИЯХ ВНЕСЕНИЯ ЗАДАТКА равного как минимум половине оценочной стоимости контейнерного груза.


  • STEP4

    The deposit is refundable in case of cancellation the trip to Japan, or cancelling the order after cutting all cost which is Nile United did pay it for getting staff for the client or for documentation work, transferring the fund bank fees.

    В случае отмены клиентом поездки в Японию, либо отмены клиентом заказа, задаток может быть возвращен клиенту за вычетом всех расходов понесенных компанией «Nile United Co. Ltd.”, включая: поиск, подготовку и оформление грузов, необходимых документов, комиссионные выплаты банкам при получении и-или отправке платежей и иные расходы прямо или косвенно связанные с выполненной работой по заказам клиента.